(Finally)New Items in the Shop!


The Wood Island Watch Cap is a hat pattern that is designed by me (my first design!)! The yarn is 100% American Wool (made in Maine!) that was hand dyed by me using natural dyes!

This hat was truly a labor of love and has been in the works for some months, I first came up with the idea back in May of 2015 after having visited the little island that is home to the beacon. Having grown up on the coast I have always had a love of lighthouses and hearing their fog horns on stormy days or misty mornings was a regular part of my childhood. I wanted to create something that paid homage to the keepers and those making their living on the sea. When I visited Wood Island Light I learned how much hard work the keepers and their families had to do, they lived pretty isolated lives, and often could not make it to the mainland for supplies. They would grow their own food, raise animals, even flocks of sheep. So, short of spinning the yarn myself, I wanted to create something from scratch on honor of the resourceful lives that they led. First I dyed the yarn from dyes that I created using natural materials. Then I designed the pattern, keeping in mind traditional nautical knitting themes (hence the Fisherman’s rib pattern). Then designing the little SALT AIR Art & Textiles labels that are sewn to the brim, and finally knitting the hats to sell them here in our Etsy shop.

(P.S. My cute sister helped by modeling for me xoxo )

I have made the Wood Island Watch Cap in three colors: a mustard yellow, a pale pink, and a light blue (the blue has the nicest color variation). I will be putting them up for sale on Etsy (here) on Small Business Saturday so keep an eye out! And remember to…








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