Sycamore Vest / Knitbot Month


For the Knitbot Month KAL sponsored by Quince & Co. I decided to make the Sycamore Vest from Hannah Fettig’s latest book Home & Away. Seeing the way that Hannah styled this vest in her book is what first made me want to make it. I have never been very into wearing vests, but I am so glad that I made this one! It looks very nice with flannels and shirt dresses which are both staples in my wardrobe, so I think this will get a lot of use. I had originally planned on making this for the Woolful Home & Away KAL that started in July, but I got busy with too many other projects and all I managed to do was cast-on, so I was so excited to have the Knitbot Month KAL come along as incentive to finish this project. I chose to knit the Sycamore Vest in Quince & Co.’s Chickadee yarn in the colorway Twig.

IMG_5880IMG_5888IMG_5893IMG_5901IMG_5898IMG_5891IMG_5876IMG_5874 IMG_5873IMG_5879IMG_5912IMG_5915IMG_5906IMG_5903IMG_5904IMG_5905IMG_5909

And, I hope everyone is having a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



One thought on “Sycamore Vest / Knitbot Month

  1. I love the look of this vest in the photos. However after finishing mine I do not like how wide the fronts are at the armholes. The back fits perfectly. I can’t figure out how to decrease the stitches plus keep the neck shaping correct. Would you have any suggestions for me. I’ve spent days trying to chart it out myself.


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