April Rhodes Taught Me to Weave!


Last weekend I was lucky enough to participate in Nido’s Weaving Workshop with April Rhodes! I joined a group of lovely ladies at the Burlington City Arts Firehouse Gallery to learn to weave. It was a beautiful Fall day and the studio was pretty and bright with a view of Church Street.  After some yummy treats provided by Nido, we all grabbed our weaving kits and got to work. We started by assembling our lap looms and stringing the warp thread on the loom. Then, April demonstrated the techniques that we would be using to create our pieces. Here are a few of the things that she showed us: Rya Knots, Straight Weave, Fishbones, Coils and how to add Wool Roving to our works! Then we had the rest of the day to incorporate these techniques and the yarns of our choosing into our works however that we wished! And April provided guidance and encouragement as we worked!  It was a long day of handwork and focus, and so, so rewarding! And I could not have learned from a better person, I really cannot say enough good things about April Rhodes!

IMG_5504 IMG_5505

Above are my Rya Knots, they create a nice full fringe on the bottom of my piece, I used Quince & Co.’s Puffin and Owl yarns. IMG_5507

Above is a close up of my piece, I chose to leave the Warp showing in various places. In this photo you can also see a full Fishbone that turns into a half Fishbone. IMG_5508 IMG_5509And the icing on the cake…IMG_5512

I won a little bundle of April‘s fabric in a raffle at Nido’s Friday Fun with April Rhodes!

View more photos from the workshop here and here.


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