Azalea Tank

IMG_4526 copy


This past weekend I finished up my Quince & Co. Azalea Tank made out of Quince & Co.’s Sparrow Yarn in Birch. I had a bit of a tricky time with the lace, I had to rip back a few times, but it was very worth it in the end. I think this tank is one of my most “professional” looking pieces yet, I am especially pleased with how the neckline came out. And while visiting my hometown for the 4th of July I was able to have my sister to take some pictures of me wearing the finished product. IMG_4489 copyIMG_4494IMG_4496IMG_4553 copyIMG_4662 copyIMG_4658IMG_4655IMG_4634 copyIMG_4620IMG_4618IMG_4613 copyIMG_4591IMG_4587 copyIMG_4586 copyIMG_4566 copyIMG_4568 copy
IMG_4565 copyIMG_4560 copyIMG_4688


We also had some 4th of July photography fun!



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