Me Made May Recap


Now that it is nearly the end of June, I think it is about time for a Me Made May recap. This was my first year participating in Me Made May, and because of that I decided to only aim for wearing me-made items 3 days each week. I thought that this might be a little bit challenging because I don’t have all that many me-made items that are able to be worn in May. Despite my concerns, and a couple of repeats, I found that it was actually quite doable. And it was pretty exciting to get some attention for my me-made posts. Like being featured on Nido‘s blog, which I could not help but post about! And Quince & Co. even featured one of my photos in one of their instagrams for their Linen KAL 2015.


I did find myself spending a little bit more time each morning getting dressed and photographed, because taking decent photos in our small apartment is rather tricky. Here are a few of my pictures.


So, that last photo definitely was not taken in our dimly lit bathroom. It just so happened that I also went on vacation during the month of May, so that last photo was taken in Sedona, AZ.

My family visited quite a few different places on our trip. We started off in Pheonix, then traveled to Sedona. Then to Williams, Arizona where we stayed on Route 66. Then we went to three national parks, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce. And finished off the trip with a visit to the Hoover Dam. It was such fun and I was so struck by how beautiful and different the landscape is from my own home of New England. Pictures really do not do it justice, particularly the scale of these natural wonders. But of course I took a thousand photos anyway. Here are a few.

IMG_3556 IMG_3594  IMG_3646   IMG_3708 IMG_3766 IMG_3829 IMG_3967 IMG_4061  IMG_4066  IMG_4179   IMG_4291   IMG_4315  IMG_4413 IMG_4361

To recap, I would definitely participate in Me Made May again. I had fun and it made me think more about what else I might want to make to have more of a year round me-made wardrobe. So, I have some work to do between now and next May! And as for the vacation, I would love to it all over again! I could have spent a week in each of those places! So, that might have to be added to my agenda as well.


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